Few weeks ago we made an important announcement to the GOAT community concerning gas fees for the token purchase as well as gas fee for the NFT marketplace. And for the survival of this project, we suggested moving the token and relaunching on the Binance Smart Chain. That way, we take a snapshot and airdrop all holders their token 1:1.

To ensure the community is fully involved, we ran a poll and members who wanted to remain on the Ethereum Network won the polls. Going forward, we launched the NFT marketplace on the Ethereum Network and announced that community members can mint freely for 48hrs as part of the beta test program. It’s already 48hrs and only 4 members have minted their artworks. Many interacted with the contract but didn’t mint cause of gas fees.

For GOAT to have a chance at survival, both the token and the NFT marketplace need to be migrated to the Binance Smart Chain just as many projects who put their community first are doing now. And in the light of the above, I have chosen the growth of this project above individual sentiments. In the coming days, this project will be relaunched on BSC network and everyone will be airdropped the new token.

The NFT marketplace will also be relaunched on the BSC Network.

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NFT Marketpalce: Coming Soon!!!

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GOAT is an BEP-20 protocol & NFT project that aims to acknowledge & showcase the effort and enthusiasm of ‘all time greats’ selected from all works of life.